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Bessenbach Michelbach Wasserlos Kälberau Hörstein Wiesen Kleinkahl Blankenbach Westerngrund Strötzbach Molkenberg Mensengesäss Königshofen Angelsberg Heimbach Daxberg Krombach Main-Kinzig Hofstädten Albstadt Hösbach Sommerkahl Kleinostheim Geiselbach Kahlgrund, Kahltal Karlstein am Main Kahl am Main Main-Spessart Hanau Frankfurt am Main Aschaffenburg Darmstadt Würzburg Miltenberg am Main Alzenau in Unterfranken Mömbris-Hohl Mömbris-Schimborn Mömbris-Niedersteinbach Markt Schöllkrippen Markt Mömbris Mömbris-Rothengrund Mömbris-Gunzenbach Mömbris-Brücken Mömbris-Dörnsteinbach Heigenbrücken Mömbris-Rappach Johannesberg Heimbuchenthal Mespelbrunn Mainaschaff  

The purpose of this website is to share information that has been gathered on the many families from the village of Hörstein, Bavaria and the surrounding area, many of whom immigrated to America. Many of these families have been verified to originate in Hörstein, several have not. If anybody knows the origins of individuals that do not have a place of birth listed, please contact me. Some of the other surrounding villages and cities included so far are Alzenau, Aschaffenburg, Michelbach, Steinbach, Somborn, Mensengesäß, Wasserlos, Hemsbach, Mömbris and several others. If anybody has any further information about any of these families, please contact me. To view a map of the area around Hörstein, go to Mapquest.

Please be aware that there are many corrections in this version of the database of information that was previously incorrect, particularly on the Reising families. If you used a previous version of the website to gather genealogical information, please revise your research with this updated version.

Currently there are 12490 individuals in 3800 families in the database as of 1 August 2007. There is considerable data which has been corrected from previous versions due to a trip to the Diözesanarchiv in W€rzburg in April 2007, as well as more additions to come. There were 10831 individuals in the database with 3261 families in the database as of 18 December 2006. There were 9512 individuals in the database with 2834 families in the database as of 2005. The 25 Dec 2003 version of the database had 6868 individuals and 1939 families in this database. The previous iteration of the database had 3501 individuals and 1063 families representing 674 surnames, so the size has nearly doubled. A large chunk of this increase came from ship passenger lists of Baltimore, which I copied and transcribed directly into the database. The original database had 1916 individuals representing 644 families and 403 surnames, so it has grown quite a bit since I started 6+ years ago. Many families from surrounding areas have been added, as well many from Hörstein. NOTE: I tried not to update information on any families represented in other webpages (see below). However, sometimes I have found things that were not on those pages, and have added it.
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