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Where to host your new Migrations page:

Crosswinds (oops, don't they have been losing pages lately, don't put your pages here)
Prohosting http://www.prohosting.com
Geocities (make sure to use a GeoGuide to eliminate popups)
go.com (oops, out of business, scratch that)
50Megs.com http://www.50megs.com/
TheGlobe.com http://www.theglobe.com/services/
Homestead (May not work with Netscape browsers, beware)
Rootsweb http://www.rootsweb.com
USGenNet (temporarily on hold, I think)
USGW http://www.usgw.org
USRoots http://www.usroots.org

Here's a big list of places if none of these make you happy:

If all else fails, try your ISP! They will likely offer space with no advertisments and you are already paying them for it!


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Page Created 2/19/2001

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